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Finding MYO Supplies Close to Home

A growing trend to day is making your own cigarettes . As this trend grows, the need to find supplies at a reasonable price also increases. Cigarette making machines, tubes, and a brand of tobacco that's suits your taste and budget are some of these supplies. Thanks to our government, though, finding your cigarette-making tobacco just got harder. The new law beginning at June 01, 2010 provides additional security against the sale of tobacco to minors, advertising of tobacco products, gives the government control over cigarette companies, and severely complicates things for people who buy tobacco from out of state or online and distributors who sell over state lines ( check it out shipping laws here). Bottom line-there is so much red tape involved with ordering cigarette rolling tobacco online, you might as well hire a lawyer . So as of June 1, many R. Y. O. / M. Y. O. smokers will be forced to fight through the red tape, which will include paying higher taxes, or shop locally for their tobacco. So here is a list of tobacconist from around the country where you can get your tobacco far more easily. Find your state above, and find a tobacco retailer near you today! For all your other cigarette supplies, cigarette making machines, tubes, and news in tobacco today, visit Saving Smokers.